Vision :

The vision of the University of Al-Butana
The vision of the university was designed to address the policy issues of the ministry of higher education and scientific research and aimed to figure the University of Al-Butana as a new emerging teaching and research Sudanese university. This vision will be achieved through the mission and the strategies stated in the curricula of academic units, so the University of Al-Butana is straggling to be:
1. A leader in higher education that is recognised locally, nationally and internationally for academic excellence and focus on quality.
2. A university that is known for international competitiveness and national relevance through continuous innovation.
3. A university of choice for students, staff, employers of graduates and those seeking research solutions.
4. A higher education institute enabling organisational culture that provides a good domain for the rich diversity of Sudanese academic talent.
5. The premier university in Sudan that acknowledges its prominent role in Arab world and African community and is committed to discharging its social responsibilities.

Missions :

The mission of University of Al-Butana
1. Provision of excellent education in a wide spectrum of academic disciplines.
2. Creation, application and transmission of knowledge.
3. Stimulation of critical and independent thinking.
4. Creates flexible, life-long learning opportunities.
5. Encourages academically socially meaningful research, particularly in the field of environment conservation.
6. Enables students to become responsible, creative persons, productive citizen and future leaders by developing their leadership abilities and potential to be world–class graduates with competitive skills.
7. Contribution to the prosperity and quality of life in the Sudan.
8. Responsiveness to educational, cultural, economic, scientific, industrial, health, environmental and social needs of the country.
9. Active and constructive involvement in community development and service.
10. Sensitivity to the demands of our time and contribution towards shaping future.

Goals :
The university’s motto stated (we believe on unity, diversity and environment conservation) expresses the university’s commitment to be a leading newly emerging university.