Dear brothers visitors e-University lining gate of peace and mercy of God be upon you; you happy that the dawn of the day after a long absence and prolonged and that technical conditions compelling purpose was to intonation, development and coping. In light of a changing world and the explosion of a knowledge requires accompanying.
And the help of God Almighty Tzer portal Lining University in polished dress after that puncture the brothers in IT management effort destined Vdzahm God richly rewarded and God willing the Almighty promise you that this remains the alcove that serves as the gateway dawn upon them as well as to know a lot about us. Especially since there are a lot of activities conducted by the university in the past months and which we will broadcast now, from visits to the university administration and internal and external conferences and training courses in addition to visits to the University of specialized scientific committees in addition to the meetings of the specialized university councils.
In conclusion, we ask God to help us for the good of the slaves and the country that he is able to do it.

Prof / Anwar Ahmed Eisa Rashid
University Administrator