the University of the Holy Quran Cup extracted from the Koran University (East sector): :

Concluded Wednesday evening the thirteenth of May 2015 m events Higher Education Festival of creativity student Sixth universities and colleges East sector, which was hosted by the island University under the slogan (We are your children Aabld), which kicked off in the seventh and until the thirteenth of May, and the honor of the end of the festival hall Saolel Budmdna professor / Azhari Omar Abdul Baki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Engineer Sadiq Mohammed Ali Sheikh, Minister of Urban Planning representative and to the state of the island and Professor Muhammad and refined Omar Al Jazeera University and Under the university and a number of university administrators and deans and professors central sector, where Undersecretary of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry support of activity non-classroom so that students come out as pioneers of development and renaissance explained that the festival is the third of its kind in the National Festival and the first in the universities and colleges of the central sector, stressing his care in his salary for the purpose of student creativity in various fields, hoping that making the central sector universities Mrakza advanced in national competitions, and The representative and to the mandate of the island's pride and Aazazh by the Student Creativity Festival mandate concerned with rural community issues, which is very important and said that the effectiveness of a real creativity, valuing the leading role of the League of the island and what they offer to the state in the service of society, and praised the director of the University of the island festival of student creativity, which is in addition the real weight of the talent of the students, and the price of smart partnerships between the university and the state government in all fields that are in the service of society and stressed the need for funding for the activities of extra-curricular even check their active participation in the capacity and creative talents of the students development, for its part Radwan Ahmed number of Department of the President of the Organizing Committee of the festival universities and colleges participating sports and cultural competitions in creative student festival marked by: (Al-Jazeera, the Koran and the rooting of Science, Sennar, Lining, White Nile technical, Blue Nile, and civil Wad Medani, the University Medical Wad Medani and Technology), stressing that the participation of the central sector universities in competition at the festival to participate National Khartoum next week The Island University won the sports leagues Cup and gold medals in the activity: football, volleyball, tennis for students and football table tennis for students and a gold medal in the athletics gold medal golden trophy in swimming next to a gold medal in the modern singing. University and won the first place in the Student Creativity Festival competitions in universities and colleges of the central sector. And he won the Koran University of Science and rooting on the Cup competition in Religious Song Sennar University and won the second place and won silver medals for football players and team silver awards in swimming and four silver medals in athletics next to a gold medal in the modern singing. And lining the University has made to culture and the arts Cup and a gold medal in the Holy Quran and the University of the Blue Nile to apply programmatic Cup and theater. And it made Wad Medani Medical College of Science and Technology on the gold medal in the field of forming and drawing. Nile University White technical and scored a gold medal in the modern singing and won the University of civil Wad Medani on competitions praise the Prophet's Cup, it is worth mentioning that the festival has full coverage in the media and national newspapers, TV Sudan and channel Sunrise Radio FM100 and evening directly via radio and Wad Medani, Gezira State..

puplication date : 2015-05-13

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